Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Are workout pants the next jeans? Great places to shop for Fitness clothes.

How fun is it to buy exercise clothes? I remember 3 years ago it was hard to find anything cute. Remember the nylon pants and jackets that matched? (Oh My) Now its hard to just buy one item everything is so fun and screams fashion.


Everywhere you go you see people wearing exercise clothes. At the mall, in the grocery store, out to dinner. What do you think? Are workout pants the next jeans?

Here are some great places to shop for fitness clothes: (love some of the tops and the camouflage pants) (love their clothes for hiking) Watch this video. What do you think? (take 20% off your first outfit) (like that they have organic clothing)

If you are out and about wearing your workout clothes send us some photos.
Where do you like to shop for your workout clothes? 

Have a fun filled healthy week!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Fit Beyond 50

I just wanted to share with you this great article about woman over 50 in great shape. I have always been a fan of Cory Everson. She has the best body and spirit, even now at the young age of 54.

I did a bodybuilding show a couple years ago at the age of 50.
Check this out!

Here are 10 amazingly fit women over 50…steal what you can and put it to use for you today. If you work hard at being healthy and looking great now, it’ll become a natural part of life later. There are so many awesome women here, but the one I love the most is at the bottom. And you’ll see why: Attitude is everything.
So, without further ado, let’s see how great we can be after 50.
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Let me know who motivates you in your age group or older.