Thursday, December 26, 2013

Start Your New Year Off Right By Subscribing to Real Food Fashionista! Coming in January!

Elite Physiques is excited to announce the launch of a brand new blog… “Real Food Fashionista - The truth about food & fitness fashion.”

Real Food Fashionista will be packed full of valuable information on eating well, living well and looking good while doing it!

Through healthy recipes and articles about exercise, wellness and fashion, Real Food Fashionista will provide advice on healthy eating, food choices and choosing stylish clothes you’ll look and feel great in both inside and outside of the gym!

To kick off the launch of the blog, Elite Physiques is hosting a contest to see who can send in the most “Fitness Fashion” photos. We all have lots of exercise clothes in our closets that we don’t wear, and you may even receive new styles at Christmas. In January, break out those leg warmers, sweaty bands and wicking shirts and lets see the photos from each time you work out! 

The two people who submit the most photos with a variety of fashion will win a gift certificate to Whole Foods. You can live anywhere to participate! All of us at Elite Physiques are looking forward to seeing your photos! Here are a few examples:

So grab your camera or phone and don’t forget to sign up today to follow Real Food Fashionista by email! Our new posts will be delivered directly to your inbox so you won’t miss anything! 

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