Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I was nominated for the Liebster Award!

Liebster Award - Discover New Blogs

Have you ever followed a Pinner on Pinterest or read a blog post about something you are passionate about and thought "OMG, why didn't I think about that!" That's how I feel when I read Elaine's Blog She comes up with the best OMG ideas.

liebster award
I was so…. excited when Elaine nominated me for the Liebster Award.  This award is given by fellow bloggers as a way of introducing new blogs to their followers while at the same time learning about the people who actually write the blog.  As a nominee I am to answer 11 random questions (from my nominator) and then create my own questions for the bloggers I nominate.

Paying it Forward
OK, the first part of this award is finished.  Now, it’s time for me to pick bloggers to receive this award and pay it forward.  

Introduction to Four Blogs

The following are newer blogs that I have come across and enjoy and am pleased to nominate:
I hope you will visit these blogs that I have nominated for the Liebster Award and check them out.
Bethany with Project White Space
Jody with  Beachcombers Bazaar
Laurie with Line-by-Line
Elaine with OMGLifestyle

Random Questions from my Nominator

Here are the 11 questions Elaine asked to get to know me a little better:
1.  What inspired you to start blogging? 
I Wanted to teach people how to eat real food.
2.  What is your favorite post that you have written?
The one when I was in Africa.
3.  Who is your favorite TV chef and why?
Don't watch any on TV but sometimes look on you tube.
4.  Mac or PC?
Both, but love my Mac!
5.  If you could live anywhere in the U.S., where would it be?
It would be Sedona AZ. We go there every year for vacation and will retire there someday.
6.  How did you choose your blog name?
My passion is teaching nutrition and I love fashion, so I put them together.
7.  Sweet or salty?
Sweet, I love sugar but it hates me.
8.  What is your favorite social media outlet?
You Tube
9.  What's the one kitchen tool you can't live without?
My vitamix. I love my green smoothies.
10.  Favorite on-line fashion boutique?
11.  Favorite ethnic food?
Don't have one. I eat kinda plain.

Random Questions for my Liebster Award Nominees:

Here are my random questions for my nominees:
1.  What was your vision when you first started blogging?
2.  What is your favorite post that you have read?
3.  What is your favorite way to workout?
4.  What is the best you tube video you have ever watched?
5.  If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?
6.  How did you choose your blog name?
7.  Morning or night person?
8.  What is your favorite person to learn blogging from?
9.  What area of nutrition would you like to lean more about?
10.  Favorite place to shop for clothes?
Please stop by and visit Shawn's, Bethany's, Jody's and Laurie's's blogs as well as  Elaine's at OMGLifeStyle.  A special thank you to Elaine for the Award.

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